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The Book Of Ceremonial Magic

The Book Of Ceremonial Magic – Arthur Edward Waite

This book is the second edition of a work which in its first edition was titled, more provocatively, The Book of Black Magic and of Pacts. This book is an attempt to synthesize the procedures of all of the famous Grimoires. It draws on the Key of Solomon, the Grimorium Verum, the apocryphal Fourth Book of Cornelius Agrippa, and many others, including the famous Black Pullet, or Poulet Noir. While Waite is careful in his analysis of the various Grimoires, he treats the subject matter skeptically. The result is an unparalleled look at the details of ceremonial magic.

The Book Of Ceremonial Magic

The Book Of Ceremonial Magic

Format: Paperback.

The Book Of Ceremonial Magic.

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The Life Of Mahomet

The Life Of Mahomet – Washington Irving

The poverty of our literature in reference to Mahomet and Mahometanism is so conspicuous and so inconvenient that we may well receive with gratitude the author’s very able endeavour to relieve it. With freedom from prejudice and independence of judgment, he combines an extensive and intimate knowledge of the most authentic sources of information, and, after several years of labour, has produced this volume in the hope of contributing to the complete elucidation and final settlement of Mahomet’s real character and claims. After a careful examination of them, and after comparing them with those of sundry of his predecessors and contemporaries, it appears to us that the author has abundant reason to be … Read more.../Mehr lesen ...

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The Begum’s Fortune

The Begum’s Fortune – Jules Verne

Jules Verne’s conceptions are as brilliant as ever. Dr. Sarrasin, a French savant, simple in taste and absorbed in science, delivers an address at the Brighton Scientific Association. The publication of it with his name in ‘ The Daily Telegraph’ discovers him to a London lawyer as the lost heir of the Begum, whom his uncle had married in India. He inherits a moderate property of twenty-one millions sterling, all ready for him in the Bank of England. Dr. Schultz, a German professor, also a connection by marriage, threatens to dispute it. They settle the dispute by dividing it. Dr. Sarrasin founds in the Rocky Mountains a city of health, modelled on Dr. Richardson’s … Read more.../Mehr lesen ...

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The Book Of Jeremiah

The Book Of Jeremiah – James Hastings

Here is a gold mine for the preacher, the teacher and the father and mother in the home who have it in mind to inculcate sound teaching, based upon the Word of God, so that the boys and girls of the congregations, Sunday-Schools and households may be thoroughly rooted and grounded in the essentials of the Christian faith. There are many volumes in this series of short addresses and they cover the entire range of the Holy Scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation. The material gathered here is fresh and varied and there is just enough of it to furnish the groundwork of the preacher’s sermon, the Sunday school teacher’s talk and the parent’s Read more.../Mehr lesen ...

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Old Steamboat Days On The Hudson River

Old Steamboat Days On The Hudson River – David Lear Buckman

This is a short book that was originally called forth by a double anniversary, the centennial of the Fulton steamboat and the three hundredth anniversary of Hudson’s great discovery. The author has had the benefit of a long experience with the places which he describes, and his family has enjoyed unusual advantages through personal acquaintance with many of the river captains. After describing Fulton and his great invention, the author passes on to the development of the river navigation. He recounts the gradual evolution from the primitive crafts of the early nineteenth century to the palatial steamers of the present. He gives miscellaneous data relating to the monopoly of … Read more.../Mehr lesen ...

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Historic Sketches At Washington

Historic Sketches At Washington – George Alfred Townsend

The purpose of this book, which was originally published at the beginning of the 20th century, was to make Washington visible to voters, so that they could be guided in criticism upon abuses such as have been related. The course of the chapters is purposely made discursive so that the mind can be carried through a variety of scenes without flagging.

Historic Sketches At Washington

Historic Sketches At Washington

Format: Paperback.

Historic Sketches At Washington.

ISBN: 9783849672164.

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Basics on Washington, D.C. (from Wikipedia):

Washington, D.C., formally the District of Columbia and commonly referred to as Washington or D.C., is the capital of the United States of America. Founded after … Read more.../Mehr lesen ...

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King Philip’s War

King Philip’s War – Ellis/Morris.

The period of the Indian war of 1676, known as King Philip’s war, is one of the most interesting in the early history of the New England colonies. It was the first great test to which the New England Commonwealths were subjected, and it enforced upon them in blood and fire the necessity of a mutual policy and active cooperation. The lesson that union is strength was learned at that time and was never forgotten. New England, after the war, free from fear of any Indian attacks, was able to turn her attention to her own peaceful industrial and political development undisturbed.

King Philip's War

King Philip’s War

Format: Paperback.

King Philip’s War.

ISBN: 9783849672157.

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The Lilac Fairy Book

The Lilac Fairy Book – Andrew Lang

First and foremost, always and forever, among tales for children come the fairy tales. What were childhood without the fairy tale? That child who has never wandered through the magic gardens of Fairyland is unfortunate indeed. But that child does not exist, for the mind and heart of every child, even all unaided, will make for itself a fairyland out of anything and nothing. But the art of writing fairy tales seems to be another thing that has vanished with the vanished childhood of the race. The best fairy tales are always the old ones, stories that were never really written, but just grew in the telling as they passed down through generations … Read more.../Mehr lesen ...

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