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Did Jesus Live 100 B.C.?

Did Jesus Live 100 B.C.? – G. R. S. Mead

The answer to the title question of this book, which the author answers as probably affirmative, cannot very well be established, but the natural problems which the author treats in the successive chapters are of great interest and betray a wide reading and a thorough knowledge of the Talmud and kindred sources that have reference to the legends connected with the stories of Jesus and the origin of Christianity. In several sections, especially with regard to the quotations from Livy, Pliny and Suetonius, the author shows good judgment. His reports concerning the prosecution of the Talmud are told in a very popular way and will not so easily be found elsewhere in such accessible form. The stories of Yeschu (Jeschu), the Mary stories of the Talmud, the Jesus stories and the Toldoth Jeschu, are rarely found except in scattering legends of Jewish literature. Though the author is not always reliable and is sometimes bold in his conclusions, the book is stimulating and interesting Read more/Mehr lesen...

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Man: Whence, How and Whither

Man: Whence, How and Whither – C. W. Leadbeater/Annie Besant

The problem of Man’ s origin, of his evolution, of his destiny, is one of inexhaustible interest. Whence came he, this glorious Intelligence, on this globe, at least, the crown of visible beings? How has he evolved to his present position? Has he suddenly descended from above, a radiant angel, to become the temporary tenant of a house of clay; or has he climbed upwards through long dim ages, tracing his humble ancestry from primeval slime, through fish, reptile, mammal, up to the human kingdom? And what is his future destiny? Is he evolving onwards, climbing higher and higher, only to descend the long slope of degeneration till he falls over the precipice of death, leaving behind him a freezing planet, the sepulchre of myriad civilisations; or is his present climbing but the schooling of an immortal spiritual Power, destined in his maturity to wield the sceptre of a world, a system, a congeries of Systems, a veritable God in the making? This comprehensive survey of the past and future history of mankind was obtained by clairvoyant investigation. Read more/Mehr lesen...

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A Textbook Of Theosophy

A Textbook Of Theosophy – C. W. Leadbeater

Theosophy is not only a basis of religion; it is also a philosophy of life. As such, its main teachings are reincarnation and the law of Karma. Karma is the outcome of the collective life, a law of ethical causation. In the past incarnation the ego had acquired certain faculties, set in motion certain causes. The effect of these causes and of causes set in motion in previous incarnations and not yet exhausted are its Karma and determine the conditions into which the ego is reborn. Thus inequalities of natural gifts, e.g. genius, of temperament and of character are explained. The law of progress is the law of involution and evolution, the returning of the Divine Spark into a unity with Spirit through various reincarnations, which are viewed as a process of purification. Sin, poverty, and misery are the fruits of ignorance, and are gradually removed as the spirit in us becomes freed from earthly dross. There is no heaven nor Hell. Death is the passage from this state of life to another. There is an evolution behind and before, with absolute certainty of final attainment for every human soul, i.e. to be one with the Absolute. As man advances in this process his spirit becomes stronger, and can develop latent powers, not shown in ordinary mortals. This textbook is your portal to a new sight of life and religion.
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