Glinda of Oz

Glinda of Oz – L. Frank Baum

This is the story of the adventures of Ozma and Dorothy when they set out to prevent a war between the Flatheads (who, for lack of a cranium, carry their brains in a can) and the Skeezers, whose island home can be submerged by their Queen. The two girls find themselves imprisoned below the lake and must be rescued with the help of Glinda the Good. Glinda of Oz was unfinished at the time of Baum’s death in May, 1919, and it was completed by one of his sons.

Glinda of Oz

Glinda of Oz

Format: Paperback.

Glinda of Oz.

ISBN: 9783849692148

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Plot of Glinda of Oz (from Wikipedia):

Princess Ozma and Dorothy travel to an obscure corner of the Land of Oz, in order to prevent a war between two local powers, the Skeezers and the Flatheads. The leaders of the two tribes prove obstinate. Unable to prevent the war, Dorothy and Ozma find themselves imprisoned on the Skeezers’ glass-covered island, which has been magically submerged to the bottom of its lake. Their situation worsens when the warlike queen Coo-ee-oh, who is holding them captive and who alone knows how to raise the island back to the surface of the lake, loses her battle and gets transformed into a swan, forgetting all her magic in the process. Ozma and Dorothy summon Glinda, who, with help from several magicians and magical assistants, must find a way to raise the island and liberate its trapped inhabitants.


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