History of Middlesex County, Massachusetts

History of Middlesex County, Massachusetts – Samuel Adams Drake

It is unnecessary to spend words denying the position of Middlesex County in New England history, or to assert its preeminence over some of her sister counties of the commonwealth. The fact is that three separate counties in Massachusetts are entitled to the distinction of ” historic counties,” and to each of them helongs distinguished and peculiar honor for the parts they have severally borne in the civilization of New England, and in contributing to the patriotism, valor and intelligence of the century. The history is given in twenty-six divisions, beginning with the history of the Massachusetts Company, giving biographies of the leaders, their religious ideas and political ambitions; next treating of the Pequot and King Philip’s wars; the period of historic transition from the Colonial to the Provincial government, and the events immediately preceding the Revolution. Naturally the interest in Mr. Drake’s narrative centres in the great events attending the outhreak of the Revolution, and we accord high praise to his treatment of the battles of Lexington, Concord and Bunker Hill, the feeling of the country at the beginning of hostilities, and its condition after the investment of Boston.

History of Middlesex County, Massachusetts

History of Middlesex County, Massachusetts

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History of Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

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Middlesex County Basics (from Wikipedia):

Middlesex County is a county in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in the United States. As of 2016, the estimated population was 1,589,774, making it the twenty-first most populous county in the United States, and the most populous county in both Massachusetts and New England. For administrative purposes, the county holds two regions, Middlesex-North with its county seat in Lowell, and Middlesex-South with its county seat in Cambridge.

Middlesex County is included in the Boston–Cambridge–Newton, MA–NH Metropolitan Statistical Area.

The county government was abolished in 1997, but the county boundaries continue to describe a state district for court jurisdictions and for other administrative purposes, such as an indicator for elections. Massachusetts counties also define locations for National Weather Service weather alerts (such as severe thunderstorm warnings).

In 2010, the center of population of Massachusetts was located in Middlesex County, in the town of Natick.


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