How To Succeed…

How To Succeed… – Orison Swett Marden

In this volume, Orison Swett Marden explains the road to success in simple terms for the benefit of anyone, who wishes to follow in his footsteps. Over 100 years after publication, the value and significance of these lessons is still undisputed today.

How To Succeed…

How To Succeed…

Format: Paperback.

How To Succeed….

ISBN: 9783849672546.

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The timeline of Orison Swett Marden’s life (from Wikipedia):

Note: Information condensed from Margaret Connolly’s The Life Story of Orison Swett Marden (1925) and Wende Marden Sinnaeve’s Out of the Ashes – The Life Story of Orison Swett Marden (2004). Those marked with an asterisk are plausible approximates where no exact year was found. Events where no approximate year can be ascertained are marked (–).

1848 – Orison Marden is born in New Hampshire
1853* – Martha Marden, mother of Orison, dies at age twenty-two
1856 (January) – Lewis Marden, father of Orison, dies from an accident in his early thirties
1856-57* – Orison and his two sisters, Mary and Rose, are briefly taken into the home of their grandmother
1857* – Orison is „bound out“ to his first home (the Glover family) by his guardian, Herod Fifield
1857* – Orison goes out on an errand and runs from a wildcat, fends off a bear and evades a catamount
1858* – Orison is removed from the Glover family and placed in his second home (Mr and Mrs Strong, a Baptist couple)
1862* – Orison is transferred to his third home (Mr and Mrs Chapman)
1864* – After two years at the Chapman home, Orison runs away to serve a new master at his fourth home (the Foss family)
(–) In his early to mid-teens, Orison discovers Samuel Smiles‘ book, Self-Help, in a dilapidated condition in an attic
(–) Orison takes residence on the land of a neighboring farmer, which probably became his fifth home
(–) Attends Colby Academy, a preparatory school in New London, New Hampshire
(–) Works for General Luther McCutchins during the summer where he earns his board for Colby Academy
(–) Teaches in a schoolhouse attended by unruly boys
(–) Attends New Hampton Institute, New Hampshire
(–) Secures a position as waiter at the Crawford House hotel during the summer
1873-74* – Attends Andover Theological Seminary in Massachusetts to become a clergyman.
1874* – Abandons his studies for the ministry, on the conviction that he was better suited for something else.
1877* – Graduates Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Boston University
1877 – Becomes second assistant clerk at Ocean View Hotel, Block Island, Rhode Island during the summer season after graduation.
1877 – Promoted to hotel manager at Ocean View hotel by the end of the summer season.
(–) Graduates Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Boston University
1879 – Graduates Bachelor of Oratory (possible degree for B.O., see footnote) with honors, Boston University
1879 – Graduates Master of Arts (A.M.), Boston University
1881 – Graduates Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), Harvard Medical School
1882 – Graduates Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.), Boston University Law School
1882 – Sails for Europe (number of months is not given) and visits France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Great Britain and Ireland.
(–) Becomes owner of the Hotel Manisses, Block Island
(–) Becomes proprietor of the Palmer House, Grand Island Nebraska
(–) Becomes proprietor of Midway Hotel, Kearney Nebraska
(–) Elected as President of the Board of Trade in Kearney, Nebraska
(–) Becomes treasurer of the Fort George Island Company in Florida
1892 – Helps open a new hotel in South Dakota; manages the hotel, fits it up and buys furniture for it.
1893* – Marden’s hotel in Kearney, Nebraska burns down along with his original manuscript for Pushing to the Front.
1893 – After business reversals, Marden was again working as a hotel manager, in Chicago, during the time that the World’s Columbian Exposition was attracting visitors to that city from all over the world.
1894* – Resolves to devote his efforts to professional authorship
1894* – Takes a train for Boston and boards a cheap room where he writes Pushing to the Front and Architects of Fate
1894 – Publishes Pushing to the Front
1897 – Success magazine launched in Boston
(–) Success publishing firm becomes established in New York
1905 – At age of 55 Marries Clair Evans of Louisville, Kentucky. They have three children – Orison Jr., Mary Newell and Laura Fletcher.
1905* – Buys a farm in Glen Cove, Long Island soon after marriage, which serves as the homeplace of Dr. Marden and his family.
1912* – Success publishing firm suffers from financial loss and collapses
1917 (or 1918) – Frederick C. Lowrey, a prominent Chicago businessman, helps Marden revive the Success publishing firm
1918 (January) – The first issue of the new Success magazine appears
1924 (January 26) – Honored by his staff of the Success firm in New York who see him for the last time
1924 (March 10) – Dr. Marden dies at age seventy-five

Notes with an asterisk are plausible approximates where no exact year was found.


(The text of the last section was taken from a Wikipedia entry and is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.)


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