The Druid Path

The Druid Path – Marah Ellis Ryan

The Druid Path is romance and more. It is a heart history of Ireland from the shadowy days of druidcraft, told in a series of six magical tales of warm heartbeats, legend worship, strong loves and fierce hates. In its wealth of tragedy and romance and strange adventure are interwoven the legend, the myth, the mystery and the sons of an ancient people. All lovers of the Shamrock will find unusual delight in this absorbing book.

The Druid Path

The Druid Path

Format: Paperback.

The Druid Path.

ISBN: 9783849674106.

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Marah Ellis Ryan’s obituary (from Wikipedia):

She died July 11, 1934. The New York Times published this obituary:

Los Angeles, July 11 (AP)—Mrs. Marah Ellis Ryan, writer and authority on Indians, died today at her home in the Silver Lake district from encephalitis (sleeping sickness) at the age of 68.

Mrs. Ryan went to live among the Hopi Indians twenty-five years ago and claimed to be the only white woman ever admitted to the secret religious rites. She was noted as an authority on the tribal life of the Indians in the United States and Mexico.

Mrs. Ryan was born in Butler County, Pa., a daughter of Graham and Sidney Mechling Martin. As a young woman she wrote a few poems and stories under the pen-name of “Ellis Martin.” In 1883 she married S. Erwan Ryan of New York, an actor, who died several years ago.

Among the many books by Mrs. Ryan issued over a period of thirty-six years, 1889-1925, were the following: “In Love’s Domain,” “Squaw Eloise,” “A Flower of France,” “That Girl Montana,” “Indian Love Letters,” “The Woman of Twilight,” “The House of the Dawn,” “Treasure Trail,” and “The Dancer of Tuluum.”


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