The Gospel of Joy

The Gospel of Joy – Stopford A. Brooke

“The Gospel of Joy” indicates by its title the prevailing temper of the sermons the volume contains. Mr. Stopford A. Brooke has, in unusual degree, the essential characteristic of a good preacher — unwavering belief. When this is united, as in his case, to a liberal creed and to insight and taste, it preeminently fits the preacher for persuasive discourse
He descends to the sluggish or distrustful listener from an altitude of invincible faith. One might offer this criticism—that the author more frequently awakens spiritual emotion and brings it to life, than so interprets life as to make it the direct occasion and support of spiritual emotion. We need, as far as possible, to turn to those lines of action which call out and interweave the thoughts and feelings in the most self-sustained and living products.

The Gospel of Joy

The Gospel of Joy

Format: Paperback.

The Gospel of Joy.

ISBN: 9783849687854

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