The Golden Road

The Golden Road – Lucy Maud Montgomery

The Golden Road, a sequel to “The Story Girl,”, will have a warm welcome by all who are familiar with the author’s stories; and if there are any who do not know them, here is an opportunity to get acquainted. Prince Edward Island is again the setting of scenes of lovely meadow views, and the adventures of the King family are full of the same spirit of joyousness that has made this author a favorite one with various classes of readers. This book completes a romance of Aunt Oliva, begun in a previous story.

The Golden Road

The Golden Road

Format: Paperback.

The Golden Road.

ISBN: 9783849696528

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Summary of The Golden Road (from Wikipedia):

The plot is based around the character Beverley who remembers his childhood days with his brother Felix and friends and cousins Felicity, Cecily, Dan, Sara Stanley (the “Story Girl”), hired-boy Peter and neighbor Sara Ray. The children often played in their family’s orchard and had many adventures, even creating their own newspaper, called Our Magazine.

More character development takes place in this novel than in its predecessor, and the reader is able to watch the children grow up; in particular, they are able to watch Sara Stanley leave the Golden Road of childhood forever. They also are able to see the beginnings of a relationship between Peter and Felicity, as chemistry between them starts to build; it also seems that Beverly and Sara Stanley are drawn to each other, but this is left undeveloped.

Throughout the story it is hinted that Beverly’s cousin, Cecily, is consumptive; in a passage where the Story Girl tells their futures, the adult Beverly confirms that Cecily never left the Golden Road. As well, Beverly strongly hints that Peter and Felicity will be married.

The novel ends after Sara’s father collects her to give her a proper education, and their small group is never complete again.


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