Essential Buddhist Discourses

Essential Buddhist Discourses – Henry Clarke Warren

This book contains the most important passages selected from the Buddhist Sacred Books. The aim of the present work is to take different ideas and conceptions found in Pâli writings, and present them to the reader in English. Translation has been the means employed as being the most effectual, and the order pursued is in the main that of the Buddhist “Three Jewels” (in Pâli, Ti-Ratana), to wit, The Buddha, the Doctrine, and the Order. The selections of the first chapter are on The Buddha; next follow those which deal chiefly with the Doctrine; while others concerning the Order and secular life constitute the closing chapter of the book.

Essential Buddhist Discourses

Essential Buddhist Discourses

Format: Paperback.

Essential Buddhist Discourses.

ISBN: 9783849673277.

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Biography of Henry Clarke Warren (from

He was the second of four sons of Susan Cornelia Clarke (1825-1901) and Samuel Denis Warren (1817-1888), a wealthy paper manufacturer in Boston, who died in 1888.He had four siblings: Cornelia Lyman Warren, philanthropist; Samuel D. Warren (1854-1899), businessperson; Edward Perry Warren (1860-1928), art collector; Fredrick Fiske Warren (1862-1938), political radical and utopist. He graduated in 1879 with an A.B. from Harvard University, and followed it up with studies at Johns Hopkins University under Lanman and Maurice Bloomfield, and at Oxford University with T. W. Rhys Davids. He purchased the house of Charles Beck in 1891, and lived in it until his death in 1899 at which he bequeathed it, along with the bulk of his estate, to Harvard University; the building is now known as the Beck-Warren House (or Warren House).

His work Buddhism in Translation (1896) and translation (along with Dharmananda Damodar Kosambi) of the Visuddhimagga of Buddhaghosa (1950) respectively appeared as Volume 3 and Volume 41 of the Harvard Oriental Series.


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